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Dr. Charles “CJ” Booth Jr. PhD

CJ is a biomedical researcher who aims to increase our knowledge of how bacterial pathogens interact with their hosts to establish infections.  His previous research focused on bacterial-host protein-protein interactions of the Lyme disease-associated spirochete and how the pathogen evaded the immune system. His current studies focus on the protein-protein interactions and immune evasion of P. gingivalis with the host, and how these interactions correlate with progression of specific chronic systemic diseases . Aspects of projects include biochemical and biophysical assays, structural modeling and empirical methods, and mouse/ in vitro infection studies. By understanding how nature has evolved to inhibit the human immune system, he hopes to learn novel targets to prevent disease.


His wife and he moved are new to the Charleston and SC area. They are originally from Eastern NC and the RTP area. In their free time, they enjoy reading, relaxing by water, and spending time with their two dogs. Along with these activities, his wife and he enjoy the challenges and blessings that come with being new parents.

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