Lab Members

Dr. Özlem Yilmaz is our principal investigator. She also serves as the Director of Clinical Research for the College of Dental Medicine

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nityananda Chowdhury (Nitto) is a post doctoral scientist who recently joined our lab from Penn State University. Nitto is a bacterial physiology and genomics specialist who also serves as our lab manager.

Staff Scientist

Dr. Ralee Spooner has been a longtime member of Dr. Yilmaz' laboratory. Dr. Spooner is currently studying his  Masters of Science in Dentistry student in our lab and is also a part of the periodontics residency program at MUSC.

Periodontics Resident

JoAnn Roberts is PhD candidate in our lab whose research focuses on Porphyromonas gingivalis' ability to subvert the innate immune system through antimicrobial NOX interactions.

PhD Candidate

Jaden Lee is a DMD/PhD Student who is studying host pathogen interactions in our laboratory as a part of his doctoral studies. Jaden also conducted clinical dental research in Korea after completing his undergraduate degree at Butler.

DMD/PhD Student

Zachary Messick(Zach) is a recent graduate of Clemson University. He serves as our research scientist  helping the other lab members with their research and assisting Nitto with administrative tasks.

Research Specialist

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