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Jaden Lee, DMD, PhD Candidate 

Jaden Lee attended Butler University in Indianapolis, IN for his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and worked for Seoul National Dental Hospital as researcher in Seoul, South Korea, prior to becoming a DMD/PhD student at Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine (MUSC CDM).

After graduating from college, he began his journey in dental research as researcher in Professor Tae-Il Kim’s laboratory at Seoul National Dental Hospital where he obtained more than a year of experience in conducting cell and animal studies as well as scientific writing. Recently, he co-authored in a paper “Microgrooves on titanium surface affect peri-implant cell adhesion and soft tissue sealing; an in vitro and in vivo study,” published in Journal of Periodontal Implant Science in 2015. 

In fall of 2016 after finishing the first year of the DMD program, Jaden joined Dr. Özlem Yilmaz’s laboratory in the Department of Oral Health Sciences. Jaden is currently forming his PhD study that will focus on oral pathogen modulation of gingival epithelial cell response and purinergic signaling during infection.

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